Vibespirit Ft Miss Azniv- Let Me EP (Remixes)

Label:Bass Reflections
Catalog#:BR 0031

1 Let Me (Vibespirit Dont Give A Funk Remix) 6:40
2 Let Me (Duane Barrys Close Your Eyes Remix) 5:52
3 Let Me (Duane Barrys Close Your Eyes Radio Mix) 3:47

J Michael Kober - Feldspar

IQ Sounds
IQS 115

Feldspar (Original Mix)

Berretta Bros - United States Of Electro


1.United States Of Electro  9:09

Baobinga feat Dj Nasty- State Of Ghetto Jackin

Trouble & Bass  

1.State Of Ghetto Jackin
2 State Of Ghetto Jackin(Dave Nada remix)
3.State Of Ghetto Jackin(TRGs Brooklyn 2 Bucharest remix)

Dopefish- Must Be The Music

Dopefish Audio  
DOPE 018

1.Where's Your Hive In The Blur?
2. Must Be The Music

Huda Hudia/DJ Fixx-Lower Da Bass

Kaleidoscope Music   
KMC 001

1. Lower Da Bass 07:14
2. Lower Da Bass (Tony Faline remix) 06:12

DJ Icey- Dayz and Dayz

Zone Records

Dayz and Dayz
Glance Ft Nikki Carabello V2.2 Mix

Clay Davis - Funky Funky Edits

Label:Zone Records
Catalog#:Zone 087

1 Funky Funky Edits (4:45)
2 Tray Sly (4:51)

Ghettface & Keylowe- Cracks In The Cradle

Label:Backzide Recordings
Catalogue No:BCKZ003

Cracks In The Cradle (Breaks mix)

Scratche- Let Go

Padded Cell Productions

Let Go - Original Mix  (4:59)
Let Go - Dope Tito Dirty Girl Remix
Let Go - Supercycle Remix  (5:05)

J Break- Bass Frequenciez Vol. 1

Label:Bass Frequency Productions
Catalogue No BFPDIGICD001

1) Dstro Ft. Kdoe- Chainsaw (Curtis B Remix)
2) Wutam & J Break- Blue Steel (Discosynthetique Remix)
3) KMFX Ft Yolanda- Feelin the Luv (Twocker Remix)
4) 2 Robots- Sex w/2 robots (breaks mix)
5) Dstro- West Coast Rockas
6) Dstro- Zipper
7) DNF- Wordplay (D-Lerium & Faze Mix)
8) Dstro Ft. Kdoe- Whiplash (Vocal Mix)
9) Dj Vodoo- the Beat Dont Stop (Dynamix II Mix)
10) J Break- Blind (Urban J Mix)
11) Mixed Emotions- Audio hustlers
12) Agent K & J Break- Automatic (Malicious Mike Remix)
13) Wutam & J Break- Delta 9 (2 Robots dirty functions remix)
14) Rob Real- Erase