Ewun-Wun Nation EP

Label: Evol Intent Recordings
Catalog#: EI014
Format: 2 x Vinyl, 12"
Released: 26 Nov 2008
Bitrate: 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Joint-Stereo

Ewun - Phone Tap
Ewun - Cop Killa
Ewun - Take That (Remix) feat. Mental Sharp
Ewun - My Name Is Fame

Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (Chris.Su Remix)

Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (Chris.Su Remix)

Agent Alvin - Don't Look Back / Wicked Man

Label: Viper Recordings
Catalog#: VPR015

A. Don't Look Back (Feat. Fiasco)
AA. Wicked Man

looking for people who would be interested in joining digital release pool

the way it would work is this:
A) new release(s) would be bought from somewhere like junodownload or beatport,etc or ripped from vinyl by a member on a rotating schedule.
B)members who would then upload the release (s) to a filesharing program like rapidshare, mediafire,etc
C) the release(s) would then be posted on a private password protected blog  that only the members would have access to (members can post themselves or if they dont have the time i can post if link is emailed)
1) after seeing who is interested in the next 2 weeks, everyone will decide together how many releases each time would be required (could start off with just one to see how it goes and build from there) as well as deciding how often posts must be made. New members can of course join later at anytime but the site would be up in running in 2 weeks (or sooner if people are interested)
2)the releases must be breakbeat  (sorry no drum and bass at this time) and must have been released in the past 2 months(interested members can set other time limit if wanted). Other uploads(not new releases) would be more than welcome but would not count towards the "required" posts.
3)if alot of people are interested it will work out quite well for all(even if alot of people arent interested and only 1 person is-you still wind up getting a buy one get one free deal!). Say there are 10 members and the schedule winds up being simply 1 post per  week. 1 person buys a new release for 2 euros just once every 10 weeks and they wind up getting a free release once a week for the next 9 weeks! Numbers will vary based on amount of members and the schedule that is set up.
4)right now just puttin it out there to see who is interested ,again all of the above would be subject to change based on member input. All members would have an equal say in how everything is run.
5)if interested please fill out the contact form on the home page and leave your email/comments

Baymont Bross Feat Will Bestbasstar- Shit 4 You

Label: Stepsine
Cat: STP 010

1 Shit 4 You(original mix)
2.Shit 4 You -(Break The Box remix)

Phat Riderz/Mars- You Need Love

Label: Empathy Digital  
Cat#: EMPD 007

1.  You Need Love
2. You Need Love (Opiou remix)

Parker- Calling You- White Papoo Remix

Label: Rocstar  
Cat#: ROCST 19DA

Calling You (White Papoo remix) - 06:14

Ill Logic & Raf - Complex Identities / Darkness At Noon

Label: Bingo
Catalog#: BINGORIL001

01. Complex Identities
02. Darkness At Noon

Greg Packer - Forget / Talk To Kenny

Label: Interphase Digital
Catalog#: IPHD001

01. Forget
02. Talk To Kenny

VA - For The Ending Love

Label: Mind Inside
Catalog#: MIS004

01. ReSoul & Sequent Industry - For The Ending Love
02. Art.Love - St Valentine's Day (Amoraventura)
03. Enei - Waterfall
04. Pchel - Dance With Me

Awaking State vs Subsenix - Ordinary Days (Subsonik remix) / Staring At Infinity

Label: Subsonik Sound
Catalog#: SSS003

01. Awaking State - Ordinary Days (Subsonik remix)
02. Subsenix - Staring At Infinity (feat. Essence)

Maztek - New Dimension EP

Label: Subculture US
Catalog#: SUBCULTDIG007

01. 2012
02. Abbandon
03. Electric Rain
04. Funk Revolution
05. Just A New Day

Bop - Universum

Label: Sonorous
Catalog#: SMD004

01. Universum
02. Idea
03. Meta
04. Other Galaxies

Rregula & Muller vs Greg Packer - Passion Pop / Space Rock

Label: Interphase Digital
Catalog#: IPH011

01. Rregula & Muller - Passion Pop
02. Greg Packer - Space Rock

Rennie Pilgrem- Tribalizm

Label:Thursday Club Recordings (TCR)

01. Chris Carter - Random Factors (5:35)
02. Waveform & Crash - Systems Online (4:51)
03. Meat Katie & Rennie Pilgrem - Atmosphere (4:54)
04. Rennie Pilgrem & Arthur Baker - Face It (Rennie Pilgrem New York Mix) (3:52)
05. Meat Katie - Next Life (Buddha Bowl Original) (5:12)
06. Vigi & Zero - Others (5:05)
07. Koma & Bones - High Rollin’ (Rennie Pilgrem Mix) (4:51)
08. 2Sinners - Mrs Jingles (4:36)
09. Uberzone - Bounce (Rennie Pilgrem & B.L.I.M Secret Mix) (5:49)
10. DJ Who - Crusher (Pilgrem Edit) (5:35)
11. Rennie Pilgrem & B.L.I.M. - Monkfish (6:33)
12. Koma & Bones - Morpheus (Rennie Pilgrem Rmx) (4:58)
13. Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem - Black Widow (V.I.P. Mix) (5:51)
14. Kosheen - Hide U (Koma & Bones Mix) (5:41)

Tayo - DJ Magazine Presents Y4K Summer Breaks

Label:DJ Magazine
Catalog#:DJ 316

01. Prince Quick Mix Feat. Ekaterini - Everyday (Circulation Dub)
02. Way Out West Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw -Stealth (Nubreed Remix)
03. Maurice & Noble Feat. Jane Hadley - Faith Delivers (Ashtrax Remix)
04. Urban Dubz - The Fearless Track
05. Late Night Sneaky - Purr Project
06. Dave London & Filthy Rich - Twisted (Future Funk Squad 'Insulation' Remix)
07. dB+ - That Thing (That Koma & Bones Mix)
08. NuBreed - Beats N Rhymes
09. Quiet Killaz - Warning
10. Quiet Killaz - Critical Level

VA - All Sounds Electric 2

Label: Critical
Catalog#: CRITCD002

CD 1
01. Vicious Circle - Access All Areas
02. Inside Info - Sound Was Golden
03. Marcus Intalex - Dont Sleep
04. Q-Project - Metapyzikz
05. Silent Witness & Sirius - Proceseed
06. Apex - Locked On
07. Cern - Lucid State
08. Data & Nebulus - Geometry
09. Eveson - Naughty
10. Icicle - Late Hours VIP

CD 2

01. Inside Info - Clover
02. Lomax - Come And See
03. Nymfo - Cybernetic Disorder
04. S.P.Y. - New Beginning
05. State Of Mind - Attention Defecit
06. The Funktion - Get Up
07. Trei - Too High
08. Data - Hydrogen
09. Inside Info - Deliquent
10. Loxy & Naibu - Hajime VIP


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